The furniture market is expected to warm up

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  Recent furniture exports continue to warm up, coupled with the domestic real estate market has shown signs of improvement, the furniture industry is expected to continue to rebound in the future boom.

  Demand is well supported

  Under the background of limited purchase of commercial housing, the construction of affordable housing will become an important factor to stimulate furniture consumption in the future. Following the completion of the construction of the 7 million set of guarantee housing tasks this year, the task of building the national urban security housing project next year is 4 million 600 thousand sets of basic sets and 6 million new sets. Although the number of new projects appears to be decreasing next year, the cumulative value of actual construction projects and completed projects is increasing and the task volume is still larger. According to the estimate of the Ministry of housing construction, there are 18 million sets of actual construction projects in 2012, which includes projects to be completed in 2009 and in 2013, as well as 10 million new sets of projects that are still under construction in 2011, plus about 7000000 sets of new starts in this year, and the number of housing in our country in the later period. The quantity does not weaken.

  In addition to affordable housing, commercial housing sales also show signs of gradual warming in the near future, which is expected to become another factor stimulating furniture consumption. The real estate development boom index released by the National Bureau of statistics in November was 95.71, an increase of 1.15 points from last month. In the field of real estate sales, in 1-11 months of 2012, the sales area of the national commodity house was 917 million 50 thousand square meters, up 2.4%, and the sales of commercial housing was 53526 billion yuan, up 9.1%, and the growth rate was quickened. Commercial housing sales are showing signs of gradual warming.

  [15.18 3.62% shares of the wide development Securities newspaper said that the stability of the real estate market has a strong supporting role in the home building materials industry, the most difficult period in the real estate and furniture market has passed, and the housing demand is expected to be further released, thus providing demand support for the improvement of the furniture market market next yearstorage rack.

  In addition, the promotion of furniture trade in policy is better than expected. Beijing furniture has been replaced by old for one month, and its sales volume has reached 150 million yuan, accounting for 26.3% of the total sales of similar furniture. Huatai Securities [9.57 4.02% shares of bar research newspaper] think, if the implementation of the national furniture to the old new policy, the brand construction of outstanding, domestic marketing channels will benefit from the furniture enterprises.

  Export to keep warm and hope to continue

  China is the world's largest furniture exporting country, although the current European market is still not improving, but the demand for emerging markets in the Middle East and Southeast Asia has increased, coupled with the gradual warming of the real estate market in the United States, the furniture export situation is beginning to improve.

  Han Changji, a real estate researcher at CIC, believes that the US real estate market is starting to enter the recovery phase, unlike the global real estate market. With the gradual recovery of the US economy, the recovery of the US real estate market has certain sustainability. According to data from the National Association of home builders, 125 real estate markets in the US continued to improve in November, an increase of 22 over October.

  Chinese customs statistics show that the total export of furniture and its parts in the first 10 months of this year was 39 billion 381 million dollars, up 31.9%, of which the export volume was 4 billion 283 million US dollars in October, and the total export of furniture and its parts was 43 billion 160 million US dollars in November of this year, up 27.5% in the same month, and its export volume was 3 billion 781 million in the month of November. It fell down.

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