CBSE Announces Re-Exam For Class 12 Economics, Class 10 Maths; Twitter Erupts In Criticism

作者:Laura    發表日期:2019-05-15 15:21:27

New Delhi:  Hours after students had appeared for the class 10 mathematics board exam conducted by CBSE, the board cancelled the exam. According to an update on the board's official website, the examination for class 10 mathematics paper and class 12 economics paper will be conducted again. The dates have not been declared yet but will be available within a week on the website. The news of re-examination has disappointed and infuriated students who already had to cope with exam stress. 

The allegations of paper leak had hit the board since the board exams started on March 5. The board brushed aside the rumors calling it an activity of 'miscreants'. However, on March 15, Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia had said that he had received complaints about Accountancy paper leak and had asked officials from Directorate of Education to investigate and lodge complaint with CBSE. 

So far, CBSE had denied all allegations of paper leak but the re-examination affirms that there had been a breach and paper was indeed leaked. 

The news of re-examination has not been received favorably by students and guardians alike who took to twitter to criticize CBSE for its lack of accountability. 

1. Parents have been calling out CBSE for it's apathetic behavior toward the students who appeared for the exam. 

#CBSE re-exam for Class 10 Math - bitterly disappointing for my son and everyone in his class. No accountability.

— WhySoSerious (@xtremelygrumpy) March 28, 2018


सुमित जी मेरे बेटे का कसूर है बताइये,उसने तो exams में अपना१००% दिया है।सीबीएसई का खामियाजा वो क्यों भुगते।ये CBSE का failure है या मेरे बच्चे की गलती ?

— Ruchi Srivastava (@Ruchi804Ruchi) March 28, 2018


#CBSEPaperLeak#cbse enjoys to make students suffer

— Shekhar Menon (@ShekharMenon4) March 28, 2018


Indian education system never fails to impress.
Always coming up with new techniques to harass us. Kudos #CBSE@CBSEWorld@PrakashJavdekar@ciet_ncert

— Yogesh Gattani (@GattaniYogesh) March 28, 2018

2. Some have also questioned the credibility of re-examination and asked if CBSE would be able to prevent a paper leak second time around. 

What you think CBSE?If it can leaked once it can leak once again. Complete failure of CBSE and also of BJP government.#CBSE

— Jitendra Kumar (@elitegamingyt01) March 28, 2018

3. Some have also pointed out the inconvenience caused to students who not only have to prepare again for the exam but may have to cancel pre-scheduled programmes which may also include appearing in entrance examinations. 

#CBSE "THE most incompetent education board in the world."How can you do this? The children have just finished and you come out with this notice- making the students go through a retest because your couldn't keep the papers confidential #shameCBSE#CBSE10@CBSEWorld@PMOIndia

— H R (@ImRoyhly) March 28, 2018


It's so shameful , everyone has to raise ,why to conduct re exam of maths for 10th cbse, is it STUDENTS mistake ,?Y they leave who prepared ,what abt prescheduled programme,will any one pay ??All hv 2 speak

— Venu Sharma (@VenuSharma20) March 28, 2018


I just got to know that our maths paper was already leaked! What the hell? #CBSE. We have to practice all the questions again?
This is so pathetic!

— Prachi Sharma ❤ (@Prachiiiii_) March 28, 2018

4. A student tweeted that the new question paper should be of the same difficulty level so as to provide a fair opportunity to all students. 

#CBSE New paper should be of the same level as of the earlier one otherwise there will be no meaning of cbse exams #CBSEPaperLeak

— Nidhi Tiwari (@tnidhi999) March 28, 2018

5. Some have also questioned CBSE about the alleged paper leak in the case of Accountancy paper. 
 — Tirthankar (@b_tirthankar) March 28, 2018

It is clear, that the news of re-examination has not gone down well with the students and their guardians and poses a huge question to the board's credibility about conducting board examinations. 

CBSE, apart from the academic examinations, is also responsible for conducting NEET-UG, JEE Main and UGC NET examinations. 

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